Perform customer care through online and offline channels

  • Online channel: customer care through company pages( Page: Kidimol, Lipitear, Manomin…)
  • Offline channel: Through the direct pharmacist direct contact with the pharmacy system, hospitals across the region and nationwide.

Consolidated links with the system of pharmacists – companies – drugstore, distribution hospitals.

  • Ensure effective management activities of the company to submit to pharmaceuticals, manage the distribution system to ensure quality products to customers.

Planning customer care directions.

  • In order to answer customers’ questions about the company’s products.
  • Develop a plan to ensure the best product quality to customers.

Build fanpage channel closer contact with customers.

  • Continually innovating good product images to convey the use of services suitable for each customers.
  • Customers can easily follow the latest information about the company’s products, receive customer care feedback.